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Not many people enjoy painting because, frankly, to do it right takes a lot of hard work and patience. Tyre Custom Painting LLC truly enjoys both interior and exterior painting and it shows in our quality painting services. Our attention to detail is in every aspect from the preparation process to final coating and thus we have gained the respect of customers for the past 18 years that we have been serving in Tallahassee, FL. Tyre Custom Painting LLC is among the painting contractors and handyman service providers for both residential or commercial jobs from new construction or home remodels to complete coverage inside and out to replace old paint that no longer looks appealing or has lost its visual and protective characteristics.

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Painting supplies and improvement project blueprints.Interior ceilings are often a neglected area when individual rooms are touched up or repainted but we will tackle them heads-on and we can freely paint over them in no time. Any necessary repairs to plaster or exterior stucco are also a part of our preparation process, as is pressure washing services. And if you have outdated wallpaper which you want to remove, our skilled paint prep and handyman team is well-equipped to remove it.

Assembling a frame.Bathrooms require special care especially where mold or water damage are present in order to eradicate it before repainting process begin. Prior to the start of our job, our painters will repair all waterproof areas that chance greater exposure to excessive moisture or water. The same holds true for kitchens with the added influence of foodstuffs and grease. Tyre Custom Painting LLC understands that not all kitchen cabinets today require painting or changing and if yours are stained we can easily refinish them with the same color or change the color Removing a graffiti from a wall.according to your style and complete the process with a protective coat for both durability and easy cleaning.

Getting the ceilings and walls painted, as well as doors and trim are some of the most time consuming and detail oriented tasks in proper improvement projects. As one of the leading painting companies in the county, we know what quality should look like and we will give it to you without smudges or smears, inchlong drips or bristles dried in the paint. Our painters will tape and paper everything in order to protect the surrounding areas and produce a result that can satisfy even the most demanding taste. From a kitchens to an auto bay or a 20,000 square foot storage facility, we can apply your choice of sturdy floor, epoxy coatings, or staining services that will not only look clean and professional but will be easy to maintain them and will provide protection for the underlying flooring.

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Please invite us to provide a quote on your next residential or commercial job. We know you have a choice of painting contractors but we are confident to say that our bid will be the most acceptable for the quality of the painting services we provide. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for our safety as well as yours and all our work comes with solid guarantees. Call us now at (850) 508-9996 and learn more about the pricing we can tailor around your budget and hire one of the leading painting companies around!