Easy and Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard Paint - Inspiration

Do You Need to Book a Professional Painting Service to Get the Perfect Chalkboard Accents?

Working with chalkboard paint is not as easy as you believe, and if you are not sure that you will be able to accomplish the desired results, we strongly recommend you to hire a painting service specialist at least to help you get started with your project.

If you are experienced enough and you believe that you can handle this painting product well, then the team of Tyre Custom Painting LLC has prepared a few DIY tips for you on what chalkboard accents you may easily paint.

  • Dynamic day planner. If you sketch an empty calendar on one of your kitchen walls, for example, you will not only have a good opportunity to write your grocery list in a place that you will not forget, but you may also sketch your entire family’s weekly schedule. This way, you will not only become more organized but will also know what the other members of your family are doing and decide when it is a convenient time to call them, for example, or when you will have to pick your kids from school, swimming classes, etc.
  • Interactive artists studio. If you paint a single wall in your kid’s bedroom with chalkboard paint, this room will instantly turn into a studio for little artists. You will no longer have to forbid your children to make wall drawings. Exactly the opposite, you can now encourage it without being afraid that you will have to spend hours cleaning the damage afterwards. All you need to make the canvas blank again is to use a wet sponge at the end of the day.
  • Furniture accents. Similar to the previous idea, you can color a table in the playroom with chalkboard paint so that your kids can stay seated and draw on it. This is a really smart idea for children at prep school age because they need to learn to sit for a longer period of time. Otherwise, the school environment may look a bit shocking for them.

If you are curious to find more creative ideas about the functional use of chalkboard paint in your home, you can contact our painting service specialists in Tallahassee, FL at (850) 508-9996. We have tons of ideas that we are willing to share with you!