How to Paint an Ombre Accent Wall

Ombre Accent Wall

Do You Need an Expert Painting Service to Add Some Colorful Effects to Your Interior Walls?

If you want to add some character to your living room, you should definitely consider an ombre wall paint job. An experienced local painting service provider will definitely help you handle this task, but if you want to try doing it yourself, you first need to read the following short tutorial:

  1. You need to choose at least 3 paint colors in a light, medium, and darker shade. They should hail from the same color family and definitely need to be from the same brand of painting products. Some of the most common combinations include light blue to sea green, beige to brown, and gray to black tones.
  2. Once you have chosen the colors that you will use for your painting project, you will have to prepare the room for painting. Use painters tape to trim the wall, and use a roller to paint the entire wall in the lightest hue.
  3. Once it dries a bit, you can paint the base of the wall (its bottom part) with the darkest hue.
  4. Then mix your medium and dark shade together to create the second darkest color and paint a really tiny horizontal section with it.
  5. Next, move up and paint the third section with the middle color only.
  6. Now that you have applied all of the colors, you will have to blend them in order to get the desired effect. You will need another paintbrush that is smaller. It has to be completely dry. The areas and lines need to blend together, so do not give up until you achieve this effect. You may need to do a few touch ups with the mixed paint as you go, as it takes on an amazing ombre effect.

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