Looking for a Professional Painter?


Things to Consider When Hiring a Painting Company

  • When trying to decide on a painting company, never make your decision solely based on the price. Painting needs skill, knowledge and much experience. Look for a painter which can supply references, establishing a reliable and quality track record. And, bear in mind that there are numerous kinds of painting, like exterior, interior, basic and decorative. When choosing such a company, it’s crucial to hire one that has experience with the type of painting you are looking for.
  • Also, never consider a company which only specializes in decorative cement floors, especially when you are looking to have your bedroom walls painted. Good references don’t matter unless they are applicable to the kind of work you are looking for. If a neighbour or colleague has a painter they use on a regular basis and does great work on projects that are similar to yours, then go ahead and review the references, and ask the company to give you further information.
  • It is important for a painting company to provide excellent references, this gives you peace of mind that they will complete a job, in addition to doing quality work. You should also look for painters who are members of a professional organization, like the Better Business Bureau or the Painting and Decorating Contractors in America. Don’t take for granted displayed decals or logos as a sign that they are members of good standing. Put the painting contractor on your short list, and call to speak to the association on what they know about the company or contractor in question.
  • Reduce your choices down to three, then request quotes from all of them. Make sure to get a breakdown of the pricing structure. Are there any taxes included? Will it include moving furniture, especially the more heavier pieces? You will be then able to use all this information to make a final decision on which company is the one for you.

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