Pressure Washing Service

If your siding has begun to mold or your deck has started to change its color, it may be time to have it power washed. If you haven’t called Tyre Custom Painting LLC you may not know how inexpensive and easy professional pressure washing might be. We have been in Tallahassee, FL since 1999. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded, painting and pressure washing service company with experience in commercial and residential properties.

Pressure washing a deck.Whether you have a vehicle, building or a football court, our power washing services may suit you. The process of breaking the bond between the surface and the dirt has four basic elements: volume, temperature, pressure and detergent. These elements combined can clean very efficiently when they are balanced correctly off course. This is why it is good to have a professional power washing business to help. Environmentally safe chemicals and cold or hot water allow safe cleaning of any exterior surface from a vinyl siding to industrial flooring. If you have dirt or mold and mildew issues, we can transform your home from old to new before you even notice. Our mold and mildew removal treatments are both safe Graffiti removal from a commercial site.and effective. We can clean freely vinyl, aluminum, slate, brick, stone etc (contact us for additional info).

Driveways, patios, tennis and football courts, swimming pools, siding all can benefit from such cleaning services. Grocery stores to store fronts, graffiti cleaning to dumpster maintenance, all they can look like a new with proper pressure cleaning treatment. Such services can save your home or business from expensive and virtually unnecessary maintenance. The concrete or siding that just looks like it is too badly damaged may just need removing the dirt using high-pressure.

Give Tyre Custom Painting LLC a call and leave your property in the hands of our pressure washing services! Call on (850) 508-9996 and receive a free and non-obliging quote, covering your needs.