So You Think Painting Is Easy?

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Handy Tips from a Professional Painter

Ask nearly any painting professional, and they will tell you that their industry has a real image problem. In point of fact, almost everyone thinks they are capable of being a good painter, just watch how fast paint goes on those finished-in-a-day home makeover programs. All it takes is a brush, a roller, and a few gallons of paint, and you are set to go, right? No, not quite. There will never be a good enough substitute for understanding the right steps to take, taking time to do a job correctly, and improving techniques as you go along.

Never expect a tiny color chip obtained from your local paint store to provide you with a sense of what it will look on walls. Colors are relative, and the objects surrounding them, for instance, a leather sofa, make all the difference. So, make your own swatch. Obtain a sample of paint, apply two coats onto a piece of foam core – its surface will act like a primer, so the core should be at least 2 feet square – then place it against the wall. This will provide a much better sense of how the paint will play against your furniture and floor. Check the color at different times of the day, and move it to see how it will look in the different lights.

Before you go to your local paint store, get a measuring tape, find out how much surface you will have to cover, and don’t forget the ceiling. Measure the biggest wall, and square that figure for your ceiling. For walls, multiply the length of the biggest wall by the height, then simply multiply that figure by four. Double the numbers if you need to apply 2 coats. Or you can use a calculator online; as a general rule of thumb, one gallon usually covers around 400 square feet.

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