What’s Trendy in the Interior Painting Industry This Season?

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Choose Your Colors before Booking a Painting Service

If you are about to book a painting service and upgrade the interior of your home, you’d better pick your colors first. This blog post may help you with some ideas. Here are the color trends for interior wall painting in 2015:

  • Bright accent walls. You may say that 2014 was the year of accent walls, and you won’t be wrong. But in 2015 they become much more and are much more contrasting to the overall interior. Of course, you should not paint more than 2 different accent walls in a single room, as that may turn your cozy apartment into a shocking sight for you and your guests. If your main wall color is gray, you can combine it with yellow and purple, but if it is red, then don’t add green and orange as your interior will resemble a playroom in a kindergarten.
  • Vintage is now modern. Pale cracked walls that look old and rusty are now a hit. Brick walls are another natural look that is highly valued by different home designers in Tallahassee, FL. If you want to adopt the rustic looking interior, the time is now! Of course, you need to consult your painting service provider on this one in advance as not all painters have the specialty paint, tools, and the skills required to successfully paint a rustic masterpiece.
  • Mediterranean white and blue. Plain white walls combined with blue wall accents and artwork are more than the traditional white walls. They are now typical for apartments and houses with a Mediterranean interior design. You can successfully combine classic white walls with floors covered with Moroccan tiles.
  • Chalkboards paint. It was until now only used for accents, but this year, you should not be afraid to paint your entire wall in chalkboard. There are many custom prints that you can use to decorate such a wall, not to mention that it is very practical because you will have more space to leave important messages to your family members or write your schedule without forgetting where you have written it.

If you are looking for a painting service provider that can do any of these styles, don’t be afraid to call Tyre Custom Painting LLC at (850) 508-9996! We are at your service whenever you decide to remodel your home on a tight budget!