White vs. Green for Your Interior Walls

green walls in child room

Before Booking a Painting Service, Decide Which Interior Colors You Want.

Repainting your interior walls is an effective and budget-friendly home improvement project that can change the whole appearance of your home. If you are currently considering one, the first thing that you need to think about is the colors that you want to be used. Today, the painting service specialists of Tyre Custom Painting LLC will discuss two colors that are now very trendy in order to help you make your final decision. They are green and white. Here are some interior styles that they will fit well in.

  • Ombre. Different green shades blending together, usually starting from the bottom of the room with very dark forest green and finishing with mint, almost white green, are really trendy now. This style is suitable for both your bedroom or living room, and can make any space look a bit more bohemian.
  • An accent of nature. Olive, dragon green, and dark mint are all nuances of green which are known to have a very relaxing effect on people. If you paint an accent wall in your kids’ room in any of these shades, you will definitely put them to sleep easily, as they will feel more relaxed.
  • Mediterranean feel. Clean white walls have always been characteristic for the interior design of countries around the Mediterranean sea. Combined with white and blue furniture, as well as marine wall accents, “traditional” white will really glow on your walls.
  • Moroccan style. If you are a fan of Moroccan tiles and have installed some in your hallway, bathroom, or kitchen, you should definitely combine them with white walls. They have so many ornaments and colors that it won’t look good if you paint them in a bright nuance.
  • Vintage look. If you are a fan of rustic interiors and have a lot of antique furniture in your home, you’d better leave your walls in plain white as the accent will rather be on the furniture and art, than on the paint. If you use bright colors, you may make your home look over-cluttered.

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